What is Hot, Tried & Tested Strategies to Promote Your Videos on YouTube

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Tried & Tested Strategies to Promote Your Videos on YouTube


Alyssa Richard

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YouTube is the second most visited channel with over 2 billion views in a day. It is the best platform to share videos, with its popularity and reach to broader audience over the years, it has become an essential business tool for not only promoting mobile app videos, rather, it gives a platform to connect with target audience directly, which ultimately increases brand visibility, popularize products and services and give constructive feedback.

Here are some tips that will guide you in promoting your videos effectively on YouTube –app video marketing

  • First thing required for promoting a video is an apt and detailed description along with a catchy title. Associate tags and keywords that are straight away relevant to the video, make sure you keep all your content updated and organized. If you are promoting more than one video, you can also use the option of creating playlists that allows to group all the relevant videos together in a single playlist. Thus providing easy sorting to users as well.
  • A call to action is inviting and encourages people to like, comment, share and rate your videos. So, include a call to action in your video.
  • When you are doing app video marketing, you cannot restrict yourself to one channel only, rather, create a solid online presence. Take advantage of popular social networking channels such as Facebook, Google , Twitter, etc. and build an online presence of your business on these sites and gradually you can increase it and use it to promote your videos through it.
  • If your company has an active blog and website then it is another important platform to share the videos.
  • Start sharing on online video promotion portals, then share links of your videos with your existing customer base by sending them opt-in emails. Not only to your clients, rather, share it with your friends, relatives and other influential people you know.internet video advertising
  • Make use of PR techniques that will help you in generating free media coverage for your videos especially in the mainstream media and blogs that aim at your target audience. Connect with renowned bloggers, editors, and journalists by sending them press releases.
  • Utilize best possible SEO strategies to get your videos listed in the leading search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.
  • For successful app video marketing, build your company\’s presence on YouTube channel and start popularizing it by mentioning about it within your company\’s marketing material such as Brochures, Monthly Catalogs, Magazines etc. every sales material that your company is producing.

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