10 Tips to Write Advertising Copy (and for Content)

10 Tips to Write Advertising Copy


Expert Author Cararta Skipper

Convincing the reader is the goal of any copy writer. 

Well written copy caters to readers:

  • wants,
  • needs
  • and interests

making it very easy for the reader to trust the copy because it is targeted to provide a solution for their problem.

Desired results are easier to obtain because response rates are better when the copy becomes trustworthy to the reader.

You can improve your copy and make it much more convincing if a tone of experienced knowledge comes across in your copy.

I have detailed 10 things that you can use in writing copy that will be viewed as knowledgeable and truthful therefore authoritative.


Know What You are Talking About

If you are not knowledgeable about a subject, don’t write about it unless you are willing to research until you are knowledgeable.

Prove to your audience or readers that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Readers can tell if you are just bluffing.


Prove your experience

Prove you have real experience and show you have authority when writing copy about a subject.

It is impossible to write about brain surgery with authority if the closest you’ve ever come to brain surgery is visiting a friend in the hospital!


Use your Unique Sales Proposition

There is a USP or unique sales proposition that comes with any product, idea or statement. Develop your USP as you write your copy.

Using the USP to construct your copy will make your copy unique and different from other written descriptions with a similar idea.

Use this to help define your authority.


Make it Short and Sweet.

Don’t belabor the point. Say it clearly and with the fewest words possible.


State the benefits and advantages

Any product, idea or statement will have disadvantages and limitations.

Your Job is to focus on the features and benefits.

It is not your job to detail the disadvantages or limitations.

Take a feature, describe it and then tell the reader how this feature benefits them.

You can state what the product can do and what it cannot do, but keep it short.


Emphasize the benefits

If you are writing about a Motorcycle, you don’t state that it can’t fly, instead you describe the benefits of:

  • having fun,
  • getting fresh air
  • and looking good riding on it.
  • That it can go off road where a car can’t go for adventure!

Just the Real Facts

Exaggerating your description may seem advantageous, but the perception of your readers will be negative.

No one likes to feel they are being made a fool.

Exaggerations will decrease your authority and your ability to influence your reader or potential customer.

To have real authority when writing copy, make assertions that are FACTS that can be verified.


Prove your claims

When making claims, keep in mind that what you are writing is almost a news story and you need to prove your claims.

Authority is developed by backing up your claims with facts and figures that can be corroborated.

Find an expert or a study done by one that you can quote to support your claim.

Give references so they can look it up.


Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

If you want to be seen as an authoritative expert then get out the dictionary or spellchecker, some will even check your grammar.

Poor language skills speak of lack of attention to details and displays a lack of knowledge. Respect your reader by using your best writing skills so that he or she will be inclined to   accept you as an authority.


Keep Your Goal in Mind

Your accurate, authoritative copy writing, presented in  clear, concise and easy to read copy will determine your success:

  • in catching the interest of the reader,
  • imparting enough information to arouse curiosity and
  • leave them wanting more….

don’t answer all the hows and whys    **** just hint!****

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The End.

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