Blog Commenting for Traffic

Do you use Strategy or SEO when Blog Commenting for Traffic?

Using keywords to get the job done works, but sometimes is a little awkward to say the least!
Until recently, I never gave a bit of thought to where I comment or even what I say when I do comment.  Well I did think about what I was commenting, but never and still don’t think about using a comment “strategy or SEO” when commenting!


go make a blog friend

go make a blog friend

Naive or just dumb? 

Maybe unknowledgeable about all the little quirks and turns that mean the difference between Success and Failure..

Winning and Losing in that game for Top Dog, Winner takes all.

I’ve never used a blog commenting ninja nor a commenting service or any kind of software.

There are  a lot of blog commenting tips that mostly deal with common sense things like at least

read whatever you are commenting on and become part of the conversation.

One blogger had a  list of commenting examples that were free to download.  Might work for Twitter, but don’t really believe that anyone wants a generic,

“I really enjoyed your information.  This will be a big help!” pasted into their comments.

Had a follow that blog plugin set up on one of my sites, but it seems to work when it wanted to.  Was handy because you could click and go to your friends blogs, read and enjoy their latest post and

comment without all the hassle of  having a text list of domain and doing a lot of pasting  urls to get there.


Using Strategy to comment on blogs for links for traffic.


Reading a post yesterday at written by Brian Clark.

“Is Commenting on Blogs a Smart

Traffic Strategy?”

“If one of your primary traffic strategies is to leave fast comments on the posts of larger blogs in your niche just to get a few clicks from the passing traffic, stop. You could get more traffic from one piece of stellar content than months of that type of comment strategy.

And without good content, there’s no reason to attract a few “curiosity clicks” anyway. What’s going to make them stick around after the click if your content sucks?


Plus, the root motivation for those curiosity clicks is often bad to begin with. The nature of the game makes it that way.”

His theory is that effective strategy for blog commenting is to forget the SEO commenting, strategy, software and picking big sites to comment on for traffic.   Instead comment to build relationships.

Relationships with other bloggers and  the people who comment on their blogs, so you build relationships with people.

That is how you get traffic from blog commenting.  Click on those links left with comments, go and read and leave a comment.  Get acquainted.  Those links are a friendly Come on Over for a Visit.

Back to the basics.  Brand yourself and make friends using the YOU that you have branded.
Sounds a little wingy, but evidently is the way to go.

Found a plugin that I rather like, helps find blogs that are talking about  what you are writing about in your Wp-Admin editor while you are writing…Kinda handy especially if you do any curation or like to feature others more .


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