Review BuddyBlogg Used on this Post!

Review of BuddyBlogg plugin.


I’ve had this plugin installed just a few days, but went looking for some additional information on anyone else who has
the plugin installed and using.

Know my Facebook friend Zora Blume has it, never did find out where he is using it. Guess on his Blog?

Anyway, I put review and BloggBuddy as my search keywords in BloggBuddy and came up with a thorough review by Steve Thomas, a friend of Brian (creator of BloggBuddy)

Here is the Eye catching part of his review to me. Steve has been using the plugin several he got early access to it.
Quote from Steve.

“This blog that you are reading this post on right now has gone from just over 2,000 visitors in 109 days to almost 5,000 over the space of the 90 days that followed from the point of adding the plugin. Make no mistake about it at this point though, the plugin doesn’t do this for you, but instead it gives you ways to get those kinds of results but you have to put some effort in to get there. As you can see from my results, this definitely works, and it wasn’t a one off either, I added to another blog and got similar results again.”

Well, I’m working on it.  No hope for this particular site to do that in a short period of time.

I just finished dismantling the site because it became over run with spam comments…a plugin didn’t do its job.   It helped me embed videos, but it also embedded every comment that had ever been made on the video and multiply by several hundred and you have a mess !

Regardless, I’ll be posting a review of Blogg Buddy here, but in the meantime  Read More

I’ll be back later with a video!

In the meantime, good luck with your blogging.




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